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“Forever never seems that long until you’re grown.” December 31, 2010

Posted by Leticia Rojas in Haphazard.
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The end of the year and the beginning of a new one makes me more emotional than a middle aged woman watching her first and only child go somewhere far, far away like college. And even though “time”, is just a human invention, a creation to make sure we have “control” and can track what has passed, what is here, and what the future holds… whether it’s something to look forward to or not. I really hate it, or should I say strongly dislike it, when people say things like, “2010 sucked, I can’t wait for the new year!” Though the new year seems like a fresh start, shaking up the etch-a-sketch to blank… it’s not. If anything, it’s a new page in your already crowded, doodled, messy notebook… at best. Though, nothing else can be erased or added to the previous pages… but that’s another issue altogether. These are just my opinions, and I know I can come across as a human that values my own opinion more than a pretty penny, they are merely my opinions… nothing more and nothing less. But what can I say, humans are strange… and I am far from an exception… so far I can barely see that boundary line. Year after year, day after day, hour after hour I learn something new about something, someone, somewhere and I store that in my brain if I like or dislike it, to create a reaction or action later on in life. And though I am still young and naive and I have a hell of a whole lot to learn about this humongous world (that in reality is just a speck of dust in our gargantuan universe) I feel like this year, but really, this episode of my life… I have learned so much. So much so, that it’s hard to know where to begin. And maybe if I sift back through this old love letter to myself, I can laugh about how stupid I was back then.  I can only hope that I grow enough to realize how stupid I was.

  1. I’ve learned that you don’t have to be rude to not take shit from people. Killing with kindness is a very difficult thing to do, but I’m trying to master this (by 2022 I should have this down pat).
  2. I’m in better agreement with myself. I am beginning to understand what my expectations will be and how the people in my life fit them. No one is perfect, but you learn what you love and what you don’t and deal with the things that you don’t like. How you deal with it, though, is entirely up to you… then that’s when you seek out number one. I hope that “dealing” with for certain people don’t mean doing anything illegal! Killing with kindness is not meant to be taken in a literal sense, and if you’ve seen Pushing Daisies… you just might know what I’m getting at!
  3. Success is much easier than failure. It is so hard to wake up and look in the mirror, disgusted with yourself, beating yourself up in your brain discussing and analyzing your issues. How can you defend yourself… from yourself? Patting yourself on the back, and moving forward is easier than failing and finding a way to move on and pick yourself back up again. Sure, you may be disgraced and ashamed… and as cliché as it may be, you need to learn to “dust yourself and try again”. Your mind will thank you for ending those loud arguments.

Resolutions are always weird. It’s important to have goals, but you don’t need to build them around a calendar year… calendars are something that can be bought in a freaking bookstore! Why would you base your life goals on something worth no more than ten bucks?! Change because you want your habits to become your lifestyle, not because it’s January 1st somewhere in the world.

Now that I’ve dabbled into a few reasons why I have a love/hate relationship with the end of the year, it’s important to know why I love it! I love the new year because it’s a worldwide celebration! And even though I kind of bashed on the concept of “time” earlier in my discussion, new year’s celebrations are kind of like the wave at a sports game! Everyone is a part of it, one time zone at a time! There are no religious, sexual, or racial boundaries when it comes to celebrating and bringing in a brand new year. And even though, at the end of the day… a new year, is just a new day… how cool is it to think that 80% of the world’s population is probably hungover at the exact same time? Or most importantly, thinking about the fact that this is probably the only global day where the most hugs and kisses are given out.

~  2  0  1  0   F  A  V  O  R  I  T  E  S  ~

The following are all the new discoveries I made this year. They have brought me a lot of joy and I think it’s important to share things that make you smile. Oh, laugh at me if you want… it’s not like I’ll know! There are a few guilty pleasures listed that I should be ashamed about… but I’m not (hint some of the top 40 hits are my bubblegum guilty pleasures, but why hide the fact that they made me turn the volume up?).

  • Movies: Tangled, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Easy A, Sunshine Cleaning, Zombieland, Eclipse, Adventureland, Being John Malkovich; Sorry, I didn’t get to watch 127 Hours, Black Swan, or The Social Network but they are most definitely on the list of things to see that I couldn’t afford!
  • Music: White Lies To Lose My Life (key tracks: The Price of Love, Farewell to the Fairground, Taxidermy), La Roux La Roux (key tracks: I’m Not Your Toy, Tigerlily, In For the Kill, Saviour), Rodrigo y Gabriela 11:11 (11:11, Hanuman, Chac Mool), Little People Mickey Mouse Operation (key track: Start Shootin’), A Perfect Circle Thirteenth Step (key tracks: Gravity, Noose, Weak and Powerless); Thievery Corporation “Beautiful Drug, Sweet Tides, and La Femme Parallel”, Peter Bjorn and John “The Chills”, Pogo “Go Out and Love Someone and Alohomora”, Shakira “Waka Waka and La Loca”, Rihanna “Only Girl”, Jade Smith “Whip My Hair”, Miguel featuring J. Cole “All I Want is You”, Far East Movement “Like a G6”, Lady Gaga “Alejandro”, Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina “Stereo Love”, Kaskade “4 am (Adam K & Soha Remix), Deadmau5 “Ghosts and Stuff and Faxing Berlin”, Kaskade and Deadmau5 “Move for Me”, La Roux “Bulletproof (Dave Aude’s Cherry Mix)”, La Roux “In For the Kill (Skream Remix)”
  • Television: CONAN, Modern Family, Californication, Pushing Daisies
  • Dreams: Three beaches with my small, Asian child, Hanging out with Conan O’Brien, and Sitting in Brandon Boyd’s apartment talking about his music.
  • Other fond moments: finally using Twitter, learning how to ride a bike (again, but better), learning how to knit, the birth of my little boy cousin Nelson Isaac, Myrtle Beach family vacation, my two favorite albums gifted to me by my favorite, most talented artist (for free), Vintage Volume finally played live (three times), seeing La Roux live, visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, the snowstorm happened this year… right? Okay so, that too. By the way, these are in no particular order, because obviously the birth of my little cousin holds a lot more weight in terms of importance and fond moments than having a Twitter account!

I truly hope that this new year will bring many blessings to everyone in the whole world. That may sound naive, but I’m talking about good health and happiness, not big yachts and Suisse bank accounts, although those are always more than welcome! Misery loves company, and it is hard to contain. So, if more people are happy with much to be thankful for, I think we all could spread a little more cheer. Little things like being polite, saying good morning, using your turn signal, or just saying those magic words, “please, thank you, you’re welcome, and I love you” can make all the difference in someone’s day. There have been times where I’ve just wanted to sit down and tell people to think about things differently and calm down… maybe it’s enough to wish that they will figure it out for themselves before it’s too late. Have a wonderful new year everyone!


P  E  A  C  E



1. laurent - January 4, 2011

Glad I made your 2010 favorites list!!

— All the best for 2011 —

little people

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