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Intak Hydration Bottle by Thermos September 21, 2010

Posted by Leticia Rojas in Things.
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I found this little gem at Target. Often times I go to Target just to see what’s out there, which isn’t always so good for my wallet. I also enjoy comparing products and prices on my free time. I guess to some that seems like a lame hobby, but I enjoy it.

I’ve come a long way to my favorite “hydration bottle”, here’s a brief summary of my passage…

1. I went from using a Sigg Aluminum can and as pretty (and expensive!) as they are, I didn’t like it for a few reasons. One, the thing was too freaking loud, if you tipped it over accidentally it would make a huge commotion. Two, I could have purchased a sports cap but I had just spent $23.99+tax on the bottle alone, I wasn’t about to spend another $5-10 on a freaking cap and it should have come with one for convenience considering the ridiculous price tag. Three, I only used my Sigg for water but it always had this weird smell to it and gave my water a metallic taste. As cool as the designs are on these bottles and as much as I appreciate their efforts as an alternative to plastic bottles, this thing was just too inconvenient for me. Right now it’s a collecting dust on my television shelf.

2. After giving up on the Sigg, I purchased two cheap-o Rubbermaid Chug water bottles. They are “supposedly” leak-proof but I beg to differ, and so do all the damp items in my backpack! I still have them, but I only use them at home because they’re about as leak-proof as a mug.

3. I don’t even know the name of the last water bottle I used before my Intak so I’ll just describe it to the best of my abilities. You know that big chunk of plastic with a big mouth spout and a twist off cap attached to the bottle? Well, yeah, it was one of those and for anyone who has tried to exercise and take a sip knows that you’ve got to come to a screeching halt to gulp from one of these monster mouths because if you don’t you will be drenched in water.

4. I occasionally purchase bottled water, but only when I forget to fill my Intak or leave it at home because I’m running late. I feel guilty whenever I purchase bottled water, but I always recycle my used water bottles!

I took a chance on the Intak because it was pretty cheap, $9.99+tax at Target, came in fun colors (pink, blue, red, green, and grey), holds about 3 cups of water, has this cool refill tracker right on the bottle so you know how many times you’ve refilled the bottle, and my favorite part… it’s ultra leak-proof thanks to a suction like cap and a lock for extra security! It’s made me happy, so I want to spread the good news.