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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum December 4, 2010

Posted by Leticia Rojas in Places.
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I have a love for music that cannot be expressed into words. My boyfriend also shares this same love for music, but lucky for him he plays guitar and can play just about any other instrument he can get his talented hands on. So we both decided, what better way to spend our four year anniversary than going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum?!

The best place Cleveland, Ohio has to offer.

When I told people we booked tickets on the Greyhound to Cleveland, Ohio everyone thought it was a joke or asked why in the world would we want to go to Cleveland of all places. A few people even tried to talk us out of going to Cleveland, describing how dangerous it is, reminding us to be safe, or suggesting a nice bed and breakfast getaway instead. We thought hopping on a bus to Cleveland was more our style. The bus ride up there was ridiculous and long but a good experience, but that’s a different story.

Posing with slightly large guitars.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum is amazing, point blank. There are seven levels jam (pun intended) packed with music memorabilia. Unfortunately, the museum only allows visitors to take pictures outside of the museum and inside the lobby since most of the memorabilia is on loan from the artists. I’m serious, they really enforce this rule – they yelled at a few visitors! That being said, this post will not have many pictures, but I will describe the excitement in what I saw as best as I can.

My favorite exhibits included:

Jimi Hendrix: his father donated so much to the museum, which was very selfless and very thoughtful on his part. There’s the old couch Jimi used to practice and lounge on. It’s split pea green with short wooden legs, a little tattered but in fairly good condition. I really wanted to dive in and lay on it, but that would’ve gotten me kicked out of the museum (not worth it). The threads he wore on stage were amazing, still in great condition with vibrant colors and wild patterns. They were a bigger size than I’d imagined since he was so skinny. The exhibit also included some childhood artwork. I thought the best part of the exhibit were his lyrics on paper. The paper is now old, thin, and frayed… but once was new, with fresh ideas from a genius musician. I envisioned him sitting on that split pea green couch, emptying his soul in a hurry to release the overflow of thoughts to capture them on paper. Thoughts captured to last for generations to come.

John Lennon: this exhibit included a few outfits, especially Beatles attire, a lot of childhood artwork, he was born a creative powerhouse, some grade reports – academics wasn’t really his “gig”, and other random memorabilia. I wish I remembered more, I just remember being pretty mesmerized.

Elvis Presley: I have been obsessed with Elvis and his story since childhood. I think I’ve done at least three school reports on this musical man. Like Jimi’s exhibit, his exhibit was full of cool things I wouldn’t have imagined I’d be interested in like the budget for him and his crew during their tours or how he asked a woman he didn’t even know if she liked a car she was checking out and bought it for her on the spot.

The Rolling Stone Magazine Covers: I’ve never been too interested in the magazines, not for lack of love of writing and music, but recently their magazines have been going away from those two things for reasons unbeknown to me. But their covers have definitely made musical history for decades. And now that I think about it, I just love old magazines in general, so much so… that every time I’m in a thrift store I sift through whatever old magazines they have in the store and the older, the better! It’s almost like going back in time… almost.

The Hall of Fame Gallery is great, too. It’s basically the best soundtrack ever. You can check out the inductees here.

I really wish I could remember more about the museum itself, but places like these you definitely have to see and experience it for yourself! It’s really the only place in Ohio, beside Cedar Point, worth going to (unless you like the Cleveland Cavaliers or Browns). So the next time you’re in Ohio, and are bored to death (which you will be), go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum! Two things to remember: don’t take the Greyhound up there and don’t eat the food at the museum (it’s overpriced and microwavable).

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